lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016


Lake Titicaca’s beauty pageant

This October 9, the 2016 Miss Playa Chifron beauty pageant will take place along the beaches of the highest navigable lake in the world.
Lake Titicaca’s beauty pageant

The beautiful beaches of Lake Titicaca are most popular during the month of October. During this month, locals take advantage of the sun and breeze from the lake to enjoy the outdoor activities.
Among preferred spots are those found along the peninsula of Capachica, especially the beaches of Chifrón, Ccotos, Llachon, Escallani, Ccolpa, Taman and Chillora.
The mayor of the district of Capachica, Zahúl Escalante Gutierrez, invited the entire population of Puno to participate in the festival Miss Playa Chifron 2016, beauty pageant, which will take place this Sunday, October 9th.
During the day’s celebration visitors will also enjoy sports activities like soccer and beach volleyball, canoeing, swimming contests, horseback riding and other sports. In addition, many families and local shop owners will share the region’s staple dishes.
The mayor encouraged anyone visiting Puno to visit the district, not only because of its unique beauty but also as a way to promote tourism and generate economic development in the area.

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