jueves, 9 de junio de 2016


Rocoto exports expected to generate 27 million dollars. United States approves the entry of fresh peppers and chilies.

Rocoto exports expected to generate 27 million dollars Alvaro Tassano
Peru’s Exporters Association (ADEX) confirmed the arrangement with the two countries. After the first shipment goes out at the end of 2016, fresh paper and chili (rocoto) exports to the US are expected to total US$27 million in the first three years, and reach US$150 million in the fifth year.
As the president of ADEX, Juan Varilias, explains: “Peru’s fresh chili and pepper export basket is still very small; however, having obtained access to the USA last September opened a very important commercial window…”
Shipments of canned rocotos reached US$271 million last year, 19% more than the previous year and with this new deal ADEX estimates that exports will reach US$286 million, 20% more than 2015.
Peru will host the 23rd International Pepper Conference, the industry’s most important meeting worldwide from June 15 to the 17 in Trujillo.
United States, Spain and Mexico have become “consolidated markets” for chilies and peppers.
Puerto Rico, Chile, Canada, France, the Netherlands and United Kingdom are targets currently explored by agro-exporters.

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